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Garden Cities makes progress on another 264 hectares
of development for Sunningdale

Bulk services and infrastructural capacity sufficient for the next 15 to 20 years of development at Sunningdale, the Garden Cities’ suburb on the West Coast just north of Table View, have largely been completed. Phases 12, 13 and 14, which total 264 hectares, will accommodate the mix of residential, commercial and community facility development that has been established in the suburb since it came into being 17 years ago.

Phase 12, where development has now commenced, will comprise 663 single residential sites and about 414 group houses on 109ha.

This stretch of Berkshire Boulevard will also be the front for sites accommodating sports facilities, a school or college, offices, retail outlets and general business.

Garden Cities’ philosophy of providing extensive infrastructural and community features for its developments, makes them largely independent in terms of retail, sporting, educational and healthcare considerations.

As part of the new extension to the suburb, Berkshire Boulevard will be extended to intersect with Wood Drive, providing access to the major internal artery, Sandown Road, and the West Coast Road; which is presently in hand, just short of Wood Drive, which will also be extended shortly. This will take place when progress on the bulk infrastructure reaches a crucial stage, and the road extension becomes appropriate.

The bulk services include sewers and sewage pump stations, extensions to bulk water supply, existing canals and pipes. Existing drainage systems will also be enhanced and an environmental impact assessment (EIA) to determine the best solutions to storm water drainage is also presently in hand. The resulting work is also expected to help the City with its existing systems in areas surrounding Sunningdale.

The land shaping exercise, which prepares for roads and construction sites, incorporates a ‘search and rescue’ operation involving possible rare plant species, conducted by a specialist indigenous vegetation consultancy.

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