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Green Guides & Resources

Garden Cities: A Bright, Green Future
While providing homes to suit every stage of life, for singles or families, right through to retirement, Garden Cites has in its 94-year history also taken the lead in developing communities in the broadest sense, providing the infrastructure that its thousands of residents need for their daily lives. 

And in line with its preservation of the environment and a commitment to sustainable communities the company is breaking new ground in the establishment and refinement of green building principles as the standard for all current and future development.

Its high quality houses and apartments are set in finely planned townscapes with open green spaces and recreational areas. There are sports fields and clubs, crèches, schools, commercial centres, healthcare and community initiatives. The suburbs it develops are in prime areas in the Cape Peninsula and to the north. The residential and commercial layouts and road systems are designed with safety and convenience in mind. There are gated communities, single residential homes and even retirement villages. Garden Cities apartments are in demand for rental or ownership

It is renowned for its successful community building in projects such as the earliest development in Pinelands, Meadowridge, Northpine, Victoria Park and Edgemead. Currently, projects include Pinehurst in the Durbanville area, as well as Sunningdale on the West Coast, The company has also become widely acclaimed for its social investment programme, the Archway Foundation, funding and building school halls and providing other assistance to children in underprivileged communities.

Environmentally Sustainable Communities

As the Western Cape’s oldest residential development company with a history based on social upliftment and natural landscaping, it should come as no surprise that Garden Cities is now taking even greater responsibility by building communities that prioritise environmental sustainability.

It is our aim to promote urban households and whole communities who live daily with a lighter ecological footprint. In the design of our homes, we are striving to help our residents save energy, reduce their carbon emissions, minimise waste sent to landfill, conserve precious fresh water resources, and protect the rare local biodiversity.

Green Building Design

While Garden Cities has always embraced and often exceeded the highest codes and standards in its building practice, we have recently drafted our own specific Green Building Development Guidelines based on the latest international and local sustainability frameworks, regulations and standards.  This is to make sure we remain a leader in the field.

For example over 200 Garden Cities houses have already been built according to the new SANS 10400-XA Energy Efficiency regulations, which set the standard for environmental sustainability and energy usage in buildings, and form part of the National Building Regulations.

Greening Guide for Home Owners

But we're not stopping at just the green design of our houses. To raise even greater awareness in our communities of environmental issues and how to practically respond to them, we have written a  Greening Guide especially for our homeowners.

This easy-to-read illustrated booklet highlights the importance and benefits of going green and provides practical tips for all of us on how to lighten our daily footprint. In it you will find some details of the green building design features we've included all our new Garden Cities houses, things such as: eco-insulation, window glazing, heat pumps with timers, water-efficient taps and showerheads, and kitchen fittings that are especially designed to accommodate recycling bins.
Download your copy of the Greening Guide here.

Decision-making for Sustainability

“Going Green” makes complete sense to us but we do know that to make it really count requires a significant shift in the way we do many things. This  is not always easy for us because it means plenty of co-operation and collaboration is needed at all levels across all areas of our business. However, we are committed to working closely with all our partners to reach the most environmentally sustainable decisions possible, all things considered. And we believe we are making great strides in building quality homes that are not only cost-effective, but also save the planet and save our homeowners money.

While we do explore innovative new methods, we tend to stick with tried and tested building systems and components that are approved by recognised authorities with justifiable costs and acceptable performance. While we always comply with prescribed building regulations, and make sure we advise our buyers on the use and maintenance of their homes, please note that Garden Cities can't accept responsibility or liability for the effectiveness of, or deficiencies in, things beyond its reasonable control.

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