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Green Guides & Resources

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Building thriving communities
Founded in 1919 with a vision to uplift communities through the building of quality affordable homes in harmony with nature, Garden Cities is both the Western Cape’s oldest residential property developer and a pioneer of sustainable development in South Africa. For almost 100 years Garden Cities has been building groundbreaking homes for all people in safe healthy environments that strive to protect nature’s inherent ability to sustain life.
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Working with our Suppliers
Garden Cities understands that a sustainable built environment is a complex and never-ending challenge. As such, our approach is to work openly and honestly with our business partners to find the best possible solutions for all stakeholders.
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Homes with lighter footprints
Garden Cities is breaking new ground in the establishment and refinement of green building design principles as the standard for all current and future development. We aim to promote urban households and whole communities who live daily with a lighter ecological footprint. In the design of our homes, we are striving to help residents save energy, reduce their carbon emissions, minimise waste-to-landfill, conserve precious fresh water resources, and protect biodiversity.
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Educating our Home Owners
For Garden Cities it is not enough for us to just design and build green houses. We make a point of raising awareness in our communities around environmental issues and how to practically respond to them. Lately we have focused on water-wise gardening, offering our new homeowners a range of landscaping options that help save water.
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Greening Guide for Home Owners

Current developments

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