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Garden Cities has made financing the ownership of a home less complicated for qualified buyers.

Find out how we can help you to have a new Garden Cities home - check your options here, and get all the information you need.


Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP)

How do I qualify for a FLISP Government subsidy?

  • If you’re a first-time buyer who has never owned a house before
  • If your total gross household income is between R3 501 – R22 000 per month
  • If you have a child or spouse
  • Your home loan must be approved

 How do I apply for the compulsory home loan approval to get the FLISP Subsidy?

  • First check if you qualify for a home loan with this free credit check and you will hear from our home loan team.
  •  If you meet the qualifying criteria, go ahead and apply for a home loan, and then we can help you with your FLISP subsidy application.

Click here to watch the Flisp Subsidy video

Calculate your potential subsidy – click on our Flisp Subsidy Calculator

R2B Finance is available to qualifying Garden Cities homebuyers.

How do I qualify for R2B?

  • R2B will analyse your income, expenses and history of past payments.
  • A reasonably good credit score will be required.
  • R2B will then issue you with a R2B Finance certificate to indicate your “R2B Purchase Power” which will indicate the house price you can qualify for at Garden Cities.
  • R2B will then buy the unit on your behalf.
  • You will rent your property for two years and then buy it back from R2B for a small additional fee. The price of the house is held for you during the two-year period.

How to get started:

Free, quick and accurate bond indicator

  • Find out what size home loan you can qualify for to buy your own home at Garden Cities.  
  • Improve your chances to get your home loan approved if you complete this process and receive your Garden Cities Bond Indicator Certificate.
  • Watch the video on how to do it all online – quickly and accurately
  • click on the Garden Cities Bond Indicator video
  • Start the process by first checking out your credit score and then doing your online affordability assessment   In less than 10 minutes you will have a very accurate indication of the home loan you can qualify for.

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