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Mosselbank river rehabilitation
Garden Cities

Mosselbank River Flourishes as Remedial Initiatives Take Effect

In 2017, Garden Cities implemented the Mosselbank River Rehabilitation programme, which since its inception has been guided by a Conservation Management Plan co-ordinated by VULA Environmental Services. The river is a non-perennial tributary of the Diep River and flows in a north-north-westerly direction through Garden Cities’ Greenville housing development.

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Green Leadership
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Mosselbank River team turns attention to Dune Thicket at Northridge

Members of the Mosselbank River Conservation team responsible for the remarkable rehabilitation progress over the past five years in Greenville Garden City, recently turned their attention to the private Dune Thicket conservation area at Northridge Coastal Estate (NCE), Africa’s first four star sustainable precinct, in Sunningdale.

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