Spoonbill park at Northridge Coastal Estate

The first parks at Northridge Coastal Estate have been completed and are delighting the residents with their innovative designs and features.  The parks are created as a Green Star Sustainable Precinct credit for liveability, and emphasize that a sustainable community should be diverse, affordable, inclusive and healthy. They should enhance social interaction and ownership, be safe and caring, and improve people’s wellbeing. At NCE, residents can safely access a network of walking and cycling paths that are connected to the Dune Thicket Conservation area, as well as to a trim park equipment and various other themed parks. The Spoonbill park is one of these, and was designed with the animal kingdom in mind. The play equipment includes a jungle gym, featuring a huge Cape Cobra on one side, designed specifically for toddlers. And in the middle of the park, visitors can play a round of giant snakes and ladders.  All the parks are landscaped using indigenous water-wise vegetation.  In each park, information notices give more detail about the particular theme of the park. The information posters at Spoonbill showcase pictures of local animals, together with information related to animal restoration projects in Cape Town.