What are Cape Town’s best neighbourhoods

Priority list for suburbs includes schools, lifestyle, medical, retail and recreation facilities

One thing’s for sure in these uncertain times, the residential market has changed. The playing field isn’t as level as it used to be. 

The old adage that position is the prime consideration is not quite so dominant.  Suburbs with facilities, infrastructure, lifestyle and security have, in many cases, taken over.

The swanky suburbs with their big homes standing in splendid isolation on huge plots have disadvantages for average families. They’re often very far from the daily needs of a household.

Inner city dwelling has also come under some critical scrutiny during times when confinement to home might be uncomfortable.

Regional shopping mall

Now, top notch schooling, a nearby regional shopping mall, hospitals and medical centres, sports clubs with generous playing fields, are attracting more attention. Restaurants, a swimming club and football court – and even a wildly popular dog park are proving to be a magnet for home-seekers looking for the best neighbourhoods in Cape Town.

It’s no coincidence that most of the desirable attributes of a living environment are to be found in Garden Cities suburbs. Currently, Sunningdale on the West Coast, and Pinehurst near Durbanville are firmly in the sights of middle-income families. They are attracted by the traditions of high quality and superb town planning that are the Garden Cities hallmark.

Sunningdale’s Table Bay Mall offers 150 shops

The excellent lifestyle and education offerings don’t stop with the basics for Garden Cities suburbs. Along with public schools, there are excellent private schools nearby or within the suburbs.  They include the Blouberg International School, and Rallim Preparatory in the heart of Sunningdale.  There are also schools under the well-known Curro and Meridian banners. Even specialist musical education is offered in the M&M Music and Performance Arts Academy in Sunningdale.  The academy offers part time, or Matric and post-Matric diplomas.

Specialist musical education offered at the M&M Music and Performance Arts Academy

The Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital is a large, modern multi-functional facility in Sunningdale. It takes care of the local community and those further afield. Its presence is another reassurance for residents of the area.  It is part of the broad offering of essential services provided. It’s among what home seekers count as vitally important in their choice of places to live.

Recreation and sports facilities a major attraction

Sports and recreation facilities are also high on the list of priorities. Garden Cities suburbs have a wide range of opportunities. Many of the open spaces that grace the landscape are given over to sports fields.

Pinehurst Fives soccer fields

An unusual but hugely popular feature introduced in Sunningdale by Garden Cities is Leadville Dog Park for the canine residents. Launched in December 2016, it daily hosts an estimated 120 dogs with their owners. All enjoy the facility on Leadville Road.

The park is on a hectare of land provided by Garden Cities. It comprises landscaped doggie playground areas and a 180m2 building. With its large veranda the building accommodates services related to the care and comfort of dogs. And it has a popular coffee shop for their owners.

Shopping is an essential for the households in both suburbs. Sunningdale boasts two shopping centres. One is the local essential services and food centre, called West Coast Village on Sandown Road. To the north on Berkshire Boulevard is the 65 000 m2 Table Bay Mall with its 150 shops stocking a huge variety of goods. The Emporium Centre, Lifestyle Centre and Outdoor Warehouse are  other nearby centres providing specialist goods such as building materials.

At Pinehurst, residents and visitors are served by the well-planned Pinehurst Centre with most major retail and food tenants. Pinehurst which is a prime Garden Cities northern suburb. Its urban planning includes recreational centres among numerous other facilities. The Swim Hub is a popular feature on the corner of Sirocco Road and Pinehurst Drive. The nearby Fives Futbol Pinehurst is another attraction for residents.